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Digital Podium is a premium, aesthetically pleasing digital all-in-one tool that integrates AV devices,  Computer system, Touch Interactive Monitor, Projector, Visualiser, Speaker, Amplifier,  Hand-Held microphones / Gooseneck, and so on. In this new era of technology, Smart Podiums are fast becoming an indispensable tool for a conference room, auditorium, or classroom.

Real tech podium is equipped with digital features like a gooseneck/headband or cordless mic, adjustable screen, wireless keyboard and mouse, and fully functioning audio system. These nifty features of a Digital Podium help a presenter to interact with the audience in a whole new way along with reaching out to even the last seat of the auditorium.

Some of the key elements that make the digital podium stand out are –

•           Touch Monitor
•           Public Addressing System
•           Visual Presenter / Visualiser / Document Camera
•           Uninterrupted Supply of Power

The definition of the best smart podium available in the market today confines in the quality, design, and durability. Since the digital podium is your one-time investment, there are a few important and relevant questions that you need to ask your self before investing in one.

1. Body Material –

One of the most important point your need to consider before investing in one is the quality of material used to make the digital podium. Today, many manufacturers offer a wide range of wooden digital podiums, which are said to last 5–6 times longer than any other plastic build podium. But if you want to go for a metallic smart podium, make sure that the quality of the metal sheet used is sturdy, it should be thick, well finished, and corrosion resistive.

2. Type of Interactive Monitor –

Generally, the podium comes with an Interactive Monitor mounted on the top. Make sure that the monitor is based on optical touch technology. Since optical touch monitor can be used with the fingertips, it offers way better user experience than any other capacitive or resistive touch monitor. The monitor should also come with the inbuilt software for recording and saving lectures online and offline with ease.

3. Public Addressing System –

If you are out in the market to invest in a smart podium, look for the podium that comes with the added features like mic, speakers, and amplifier that can be placed all over the conference venue or the classroom. Also, make sure that the mic and speakers offered are of high-end quality so that the presenter can interact with the audience in a natural tone – loudly and clearly. Look for the audio system that offers soft and clear quality with noise elimination mechanism.

4  Quality of Integrated Devices –

Another important thing to consider before investing is to make sure that the quality of devices which are integrated along with the smart podium. Not all manufacturers offer the high-end quality of equipment, many manufacturers in the market are known for offering cheap or local Chinese equipment. Therefore before running into buying one ask the seller about the brand quality of the computer, touchpad, and the public addressing system.

5. Security –

Since smart podiums are a one-time investment for many, one should always make sure that the smart Realtech podium comes installed with all kinds of safety features. So that the presenter can be relieved from giving extra care to every device separately while using it. Even when the podium is not in use it should have a separate locking system for every segment. Along with the security, it should also come with ample space or storage with a side drawer for a visualizer, cabinet shelves, and keyboard drawer.


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