Buying a digital Podium – The complete guide

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Whether you have to give a presentation at your workplace or deliver a lecture at a school or organisation, having a digital podium assists the speakers during the lecture and makes them stay organized. It aids their process of delivery in a more effective and immersive way.

A Podium has alternative terminologies such as Lectern, pulpit and rostrum. They are used depending on the product and usability. However, regardless of the terminologies used, choosing a podium which fits into your mould is difficult, attributing to the wide range of them available.

Accrediting to the difficulty factor while choosing the most appropriate one, we serve you with a comprehensive guide for it. We understand that among a lot of choices each of them claims to be the best and it might be confusing to pick the best one.
1. Dig out the features you demand

Every digital podium or lectern has certain features and equipment clubbed together. Where one lectern can have more features, others might have only the basics. Every podium has some primary components and some secondary components. The primary components include a visual presenter, touch panel, microphone and a computer system. The secondary features involve a keyboard, sliding tray and door and other accessibility features. Look for all of these and comply with your checklist.

2. Type of Podium or lectern

Digital podium comes is several types as per the user application. Floor, stackable and tabletop podiums are the most preferred and available varieties. For individual speakers and presenters, a floor digital podium would be the best choice while for a panel or presenters a tabletop podium would be great. The type you would choose should depend on the usability and features you desire to have.
3. Your value for money

Various factors determine the price of a podium or lectern. The major factor determines the price is the type of podium you choose. For example, a floor lecture is more costly than a tabletop one. The features and equipment like audio system, sliding units, etc. also play a major role in determining the cost. The next determining factors are the materials, finishing etc. A metal digital podium will have a different price than a wooden podium.

4. The design, shape and material

These factors have their contribution to the appearance of the podium you will be buying. Each material used infuses different properties. For a professional approach and built-in systems, wooden podiums serve to be the best choice.
For a sleek and modernistic ensemble, acrylic podiums do the best job. You can have metal or plastic materials as well, depending upon your choice and purpose.

The materials and finishing contribute to the appearance, shape and durability of the podium. For an integrated system and more features in the podium, heavy material and hard finishing are the best.
Moreover, you can choose or get your podium customised with the colours of your choice as well.

5. Look for warranty and post-sale services

Whether it is a small device or a digital podium, everyone looks for warranty and post-sale services. It ensures a sense of reliability and comfort in case of any crisis or uncertainty. Demand for warranty from the seller as it will ensure that there is a support to your back in case of any problem. Post-sale services are offered by many sellers complimentarily otherwise you could ask for them in case they are offered.

6. Audiovisual equipment

For any type of Realtech podium or lectern, it is considered digital when it has audio as well as visual equipment. You want for having a fully integrated audio system which is built-in should be a key factor while choosing a digital podium.

We have served you with a holistic guide and believe that this will help you in making the most effective and accurate choice of a digital podium or lectern.

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