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Digital evolution can be experienced in every aspect of our lives. Everything from banks to e-commerce is digitalized. Talking of the educational institutes, classroom education, and offices, the footprints of the digital revolution can be felt.

Whether we talk about smartboards, digital signage, or interactive flat panel displays, all of these mentioned digital alternatives are the wonderful descendants of the digital and technological revolution.

One of the digital alternatives is digital podiums. They are nothing less than a blessing for offices, schools, and other institutes, wherever they are taken into use.

Digital podiums are the digitalized versions of the traditional podium or lectern which are used during lectures, conferences, classroom teaching, or seminar. On one hand, a traditional podium is a small piece of wood with the mic attached to a platform while a Digital Podium is equipped with a lot of features that elevate its applicability.

Digital podiums are affixed with an interactive screen to display the script or the other document to the presenter. This eliminates the need to keep a hardcopy handy to deliver a speech or address the audience. Another plus point of a digital lectern is that you can easily display information on a flat panel display without having to go away from the stage. With the assistance of the interactive screen, one can manage the content displayed on the flat panel display. This way, you can display the data to the audience while facing them.

In seminars, most of the presenters find it hard to manage a bunch of papers on a standard podium. Digital podium provides them with the convenience to specialize in the presentation without the hassles of papers. Handling too many scripts in hard copies is often a distraction for a presenter. Hence, it is important to keep everything in one place to maintain the flow. The interactive screen performs that role.

The presenter can display information like graphs, charts, etc on-screen with the assistance of an interactive screen. With the touch-enabled screen attached to the stage, he can access the flat panel display remotely.

Digital podium comes with a lapel mic, cordless mic, and headband mic which the presenter uses. The stage has a choice to connect an external sound source. Also, certain digital podiums are equipped with a visualizer or document viewer. They function to display a document or file on the screen. Through this, the presenter can display a document or presentation to the audience with ease.

Earlier, teachers had to carry notes or papers to stage. Now, the tables have turned, courtesy digital podium. The lecturers can compile the contents of their lecture within a presentation on their laptop. With the assistance of a digital podium, they can access the files on their laptop and even display them on an interactive flat panel. There would be no hassles of shadows just as it happens in the case of projectors. The lecturers can even display a document sort of a map, question paper, assignment sheet, etc on the screen without the necessity of scanning it. One also can attach a visualizer to display images on the screen.

In the case of huge lecture halls and audiences, the lecturers can use the mic attached to the digital Real Tech podium. This way, he is often more audible to even the backbenchers. With multiple security options, the lecturers can secure the digital podium with their unique ID, pin or mechanical lock to stay it vandal-proof.

Digital technology is penetrating different domains of life. This includes education, healthcare, defense, e-commerce, etc. It won’t be an overstatement to mention that they’re changing the planet for better if used judiciously.

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