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Smart or digital Podiums are an ergonomic multimedia device for delivering lectures and reports in educational institutions, conducting presentations and business training, presenting delegates in conference halls of public and private companies. A tablet monitor with a touch-screen is mounted in the tabletop of the tribune. You can write, draw graphs and draw on the monitor screen just like on a chalkboard, all this will be displayed on the big screen. Unlike a whiteboard, the erased information does not disappear; you can return to it at any time and make edits or comments. During the presentation, videos, images, slideshows, PowerPoint presentations, and other multimedia content can be used.

All interactive recordings made by the speaker during the presentation can be saved to a USB flash drive or internal memory of the PC, and later sent to the audience by e-mail. Some models of interactive stands are equipped with gooseneck microphones, wireless keyboard, head-mounted and handheld microphones, as well as a power amplifier, and even a portable speaker system. A controller can be built into the Digital Podium to control lighting, lowering the screen and turning on the projector, adjusting the sound.

These types of the digitally equipped podium also called a smart or digital podium. These types of podiums come in many variants like in wooden, metallic, and acrylic, user and opt any of these as per their needs. Smart podiums have many options like a touch pen which you can use for writing and highlight anything and even you get color-changing options. You can relate smart podium as an all in one solution of lectern problems.

Digital podiums or smart podiums have many options for users to interact with ease, like a place to put laptops and documents. Even some of them have an inbuilt scanner to project document right to screen at the time of presentation or in an ongoing class. In short, it’s a smart device for the industry’s needs. it is very common nowadays for podiums to be digitally smart. With the digital accessories like volume controller, projector control, shifting parameter from laptop to visualizers, and other things you can have your portable presentation or smart tech.

Digitally equipped all smart podiums to have wireless keyboard and amplifier and a complete audio system with a mini pc that helps you interact or control everything around you properly and gives a better experience and an advantage over your audience.

If we talk about the best model as per industry standards, Realtech podiums are the one which will end your quest of finding the best podiums. These podiums are now known for their durability and the latest technology used in it. A Realtech podium also has many variants as per user needs. In these podiums, generic terms have been used so one can change the features of this podium as per his/her need.

With the variety of podiums like an audio podium, Digital Podium, smart podium, mobile lecture podium, etc, realtech is now a market leader and the best real tech podium provider all over the country.

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