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Information media Equipments

Digital Podiums/Smart Podiums/Digital Lecterns are:

Digital Metal Lectern/Wooden Digital Lectern/Digital Rostrum

Digital Information Kiosk

Real Technologies Nowdays the internet is the main source from where the students can be able to gathers the desired information and knowledge on relevant parts of their courses. They tooks out the notes, presentations, slides, lessons and study materials in various form so that they can read and study them in their mean time also. This Web based system helps in enhancing the standard of education. Students can benefit a lot from the availability of means to review and repeat lecture material with the pace and at the time that is best suited for them. Therefore the effectiveness and convenience of classroom lectures can be dramatically increased. That's why we need modernized tools and equipments to capture that whole session so that they can be reviewed later accordingly. These multimedia tools are of very high cost and available only on competitive range so that not everyone can buy/use them in there daily life. It is not surprising that deployment of such systems is very limited and that most lecture materials in the Internet are still only available as a series of lecture slides, therefore missing any additional information like speech or graphical annotations.

Lecterns and Digital Podiums is an easy to use System that employed various designs and capabilities that making them an inexpensive course-lecture capturing system. The Lectern system not only allows regular lectures to be recorded transparently or conveniently, but also enhances lecturing effectiveness in todays Smart Classrooms. Instructors can be able to edit recorded lectures to add/delete materials on Digital Podium and make them available over the World Wide Web for distribution to the participants without any additional human intervention.